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Trump’s attorney predicts unfavorable outcome, expert doubts victory in Florida and New York cases


Florida – The former president, Donald Trump, is facing several criminal cases, with Florida and New York cases drawing the most attention. As the legal proceedings are underway, debates are intensifying whether he would manage to emerge victorious in the legal battles or whether he would end up behind bars, with legal experts having similar opinions.

Trump's attorney predicts unfavorable outcome, expert doubts victory in Florida and New York cases

The Florida Case

Donald Trump faces serious charges in the Florida case involving the illegal retention of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate. This case includes 40 felony counts accusing him of willfully retaining classified documents after his presidency and obstructing government efforts to retrieve them. The former president denied any wrongdoing.

The New York Case

Trump is charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records related to payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels, to purportedly silence her about an alleged affair. Trump has pleaded not guilty, denied the affair, and has framed the charges as part of a political witch hunt.

Recently, legal experts have weighed in on these cases and expressed doubts that Trump could secure a victory. The former U.S. acting solicitor general, Neal Katyal, claimed the former president is facing probable conviction in the hush money trial and is “going to be convicted almost certainly” in the Florida case as well.

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Donald Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, has issued a grim forecast about the former president’s prospects in his ongoing criminal hush money trial in New York, suggesting that Trump may face defeat and possibly incarceration. During a revealing interview with Newsmax, Habba expressed significant doubts about achieving a favorable outcome in what she described as a politically charged environment.

“I don’t have hopes really that high at this moment that the New York courts will do the right thing, that the jury will do the right thing. We’re in a blue state…And I think everything’s by design,” Habba stated, pointing to the political and geographic challenges facing Trump in the trial. She noted the age of the case and previous decisions not to prosecute as key issues, emphasizing the revived charges following Trump’s announcement to run for office. “We’re in a case that was eight years old, over the statute of limitations, was denied by [former Manhattan District Attorney] Cy Vance, then brought only after President Trump decided he was going to run for office,” she explained.

Despite not being directly involved in the hush money lawsuit, Habba maintains close communication with Trump and is keenly aware of the details and developments of his legal challenges. Her remarks underline the tension surrounding the trial, hinting at a judicial system influenced by political biases.

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Ongoing Controversies and Supreme Court Deliberations

The situation is further complicated by recent actions in court, where prosecutors accused Trump of violating a gag order, with potential contempt charges looming. Assistant District Attorney Christopher Conroy pointed to Trump’s public comments about key witnesses and the jury’s composition, which could exacerbate his legal woes.

Simultaneously, the U.S. Supreme Court is considering a significant case regarding presidential immunity, debating whether Trump should be shielded from prosecution for actions taken during his presidency. This discussion coincides with the New York trial focusing on alleged pre-election hush money payments, an issue unrelated to his actions as president but pivotal in the charges against him.

Trump had sought to attend the Supreme Court hearing but was denied permission by Judge Juan Merchan, who emphasized the importance of his presence at the ongoing trial in New York. Trump expressed his disappointment outside the court, stating, “I think the Supreme Court has a very important argument before it today. I should be there.”

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This trial is just the beginning of Trump’s legal challenges, with three more criminal cases pending. Each case could potentially influence his political future as he considers another run for the White House. As the legal battles unfold, Trump remains defiant, dismissing the charges as part of a “political witch hunt” and asserting his innocence.

As the trial progresses, the outcomes could set precedents for how former presidents are treated by the judicial system in the United States, particularly concerning actions taken while in office. The implications extend beyond Trump, potentially affecting the executive power dynamics and the accountability of future presidents.

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