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Is COVID-19 striking Florida hard again? 329 new COVID-19 deaths reported so far in 2024


Florida – The ongoing impact of COVID-19 in Florida has reached a grim milestone, with the state recording over 93,000 resident deaths linked to the virus. Recent data from the Florida Department of Health, updated on their website on Monday, reveals that the total number of reported resident deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 now stands at 93,224.

Yearly Breakdown of Fatalities

The spread of COVID-19 over the past few years has resulted in varying annual death tolls in Florida. In 2020, the state reported 23,344 deaths. The following year, 2021, saw a significant increase, with 39,866 deaths. In 2022, the number decreased to 21,282 deaths. Last year, 2023, recorded 8,403 deaths, and so far in 2024, there have been 329 deaths.

Regional Impact within Florida

The effects of the pandemic have been felt unevenly across the state. This year, Palm Beach County reported 28 deaths, while Miami-Dade County reported 27. Looking back at 2023, Miami-Dade County had 800 reported deaths, followed by Palm Beach County with 604.

The data underscores the continued presence and impact of COVID-19 in Florida, even as the years pass. The state continues to grapple with the challenges posed by the pandemic, reflecting the ongoing global struggle against COVID-19.

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