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No Florida governor like DeSantis in the last 15 years: All Florida state workers benefiting from recent governor’s decision


Tallahassee, Florida – This holiday season, Florida’s state employees are receiving a “special gift” from the governor: three additional paid days off. This generous gesture is set to make this year’s holiday season even brighter for many working in the state’s public sector.

The Governor has announced extra days off for state employees around Christmas and New Year, which are:

  • December 26, the day after Christmas.
  • December 29, the Friday before New Year’s Eve.
  • January 2, the day after New Year’s Day.

These days are in addition to the regular office closures during the holiday season. This move marks the most generous provision of paid leave given by any Florida governor during the holiday season in at least 15 years. The announcement has been welcomed by state employees, who look forward to spending more quality time with their families and loved ones.

In his statement, the governor emphasized that the decision to grant these extra holidays was a way to acknowledge and reward the hard work and dedication of state employees. He said, “Our state employees have worked tirelessly throughout the year to assist Florida families.” The governor specifically mentioned their selfless response to Hurricane Idalia and the State of Florida’s Israel Rescue Operation as examples of their dedication.

The provision of these additional days off is a significant increase compared to previous years. Last year, employees received one less day off, and between 2019 and 2021, they were granted the weekdays before Christmas and New Year’s as holidays. This year’s four extra days off not only surpass last year’s allowance but also double the number given in recent years.

The tradition of granting paid time off during the holidays is not new in Florida. The governor’s predecessors, Rick Scott and Charlie Crist, also provided similar paid breaks to state workers. Crist, in 2008, gave employees both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve off with pay.

In addition to these special holiday provisions, Florida employees typically receive nine paid days off throughout the year, covering major national holidays. The state also observes 21 legal holidays, with 35 separate days, weeks, or months designated as public holidays. Full-time employees are also entitled to one personal holiday per year, which does not carry over if unused.

This year’s extension of paid holidays is a clear sign of appreciation for the hard work of state employees, offering them a well-deserved break to enjoy the holiday season with their families.

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