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Democrats’ efforts to turn Florida ‘blue’ start now with $2 million in hand, abortion in the focus


Florida – The Democratic Party in Florida is facing significant challenges as it contends with a dwindling voter registration advantage. Recent reports show that not only has the Republican Party of Florida overcome a historical deficit, but it has now established a substantial lead over the Democrats. This reversal is striking, with the GOP achieving the largest voter registration advantage either party has seen in nearly four decades. According to the latest state election data, Republicans lead by over 851,000 registered voters, marking a significant shift towards the GOP since Governor Ron DeSantis took office.

Democrats’ efforts to turn Florida ‘blue’ start now with $2 million in hand, abortion in the focus

Launching the Take Back Florida Coordinated Campaign

In response to this shifting political landscape, the Florida Democratic Party is set to kick off a significant voter registration campaign this weekend, focusing on 10 counties across the state. This initiative, known as the “Take Back Florida Coordinated Campaign,” aims to boost Democratic voter registration and support key political goals in the upcoming elections.

A Daunting Challenge Ahead

Despite the enthusiastic launch, the Florida Democratic Party faces a daunting challenge. Since Governor Ron DeSantis’s narrow victory in 2018, the Republican Party has significantly expanded its lead in registered voters, now surpassing Democrats by 851,000. This growth has solidified Republican control across statewide offices and ensured supermajorities in both the Florida House and Senate.

Collaborative Efforts and Strategic Goals

Party chair Nikki Fried emphasized the importance of this campaign, which sees the collaboration of various groups, including House and Senate campaign committees, Ruth’s List Florida, and the Miami mayoral campaign of Daniella Levine Cava. These groups are united in their effort to mobilize voters through mail enrollment and direct engagement, with the ultimate goal of reelecting President Joe Biden, unseating U.S. Senator Rick Scott, and breaking the Republican stronghold in Tallahassee.

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Focusing on Reproductive Rights as a Key Issue

The Democrats are particularly focused on capitalizing on the controversy surrounding the new Republican-driven 6-week abortion ban set to take effect next month. Under Governor DeSantis’s administration, the legal timeframe for abortions in Florida was drastically reduced from 24 weeks to six. This legislative change is expected to become a pivotal issue, potentially driving voters toward Democratic candidates who advocate for reproductive rights.

Upcoming Initiatives and Financial Strategies

Moreover, the November ballot will feature an initiative to secure abortion rights within the state constitution. This measure is likely to ignite fervent spending from both supporters and detractors, drawing national attention to Florida’s electoral landscape.

In preparation for a comprehensive campaign, the Florida Democratic Party plans to establish new offices in southern and central Florida. The initial phase of the campaign will see “Voter Registration Weekends of Action” starting this Saturday. While specific details are still being finalized, the party has confirmed that these events are designed to engage and register new voters effectively.

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Financially, the Democrats have amassed approximately $17 million for their campaign efforts, according to the latest campaign finance reports. This funding, bolstered by over $2 million in recent contributions, will support their various initiatives leading up to the elections. In comparison, the Republican Party of Florida reports having about $20 million on hand, setting the stage for a fiercely competitive political season.

As these efforts unfold, the Florida Democratic Party remains hopeful that their strategic focus on voter registration and key issues like abortion rights will resonate with Floridians and influence the electoral outcomes in their favor this November.

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